Mackenzie Nicole Takes Leadership Role with New Album ‘The Edge’


Mackenzie Nicole has got a hot new album and she’s the newest pop sensation.

Mackenzie’s new album, The Edge, is charting and getting the attention of the music business.

But there’s more to this petite powerhouse than what meets the eye. Mackenzie is the face of the pop division of the Strange Music label.

The pop department is called Strange Main — as in mainstream — and Mackenzie, whose brain is as impressive as her appearance, is the face and the power behind the new venture.

‘Different’ Style Album for Mackenzie

“This album is a different style,”  Mackenzie said. “The album is part autobiographical. When I’m working on my album, I’m doing more than trying to tell a story, I’m trying to convey a visual scene. I am a writer, but songwriting is limiting. I love music and I love writing and they don’t always come together as we’d like.”

Mackenzie said since she was given the opportunity to be the very first artist on the pop division of the label, she realized she would have to alter her path to fit her surroundings.

“You have to experiment within the confines you’re working with,” she said. “There are a lot of things that are challenging for an artist.”

‘The Edge’ a Process

The Edge has been a great process for Mackenzie, who through working on the album, exorcised a lot of the issues connected to her previous boyfriend.

“The songs are inspired by a number of things in my life,” she said. “All but two of the songs are about one relationship, which is over.  This album puts a conclusion on the relationship. It’s an honest place where it was coming from. Writing an album is an emotionally draining experience especially if you suppress your emotions like I do.”

She said through the songs, she came to realize that she needed to move on.

“Even my happy songs have notes where you realize there’s an overtone about how I was over the relationship,” she said.  “Like the words, ‘I try my best to just forget about you.’ I was writing the second verse and that was equivalent to ‘You get under my skin but I’m so over you.’

The songwriting process has its ups and downs as well, as was the case for the song “Only With You,” Mackenzie said.

“Sometimes when you create a song you have post-partum depression,” she said. “There was one song on the album I was not happy with. I recorded the entire song again. Then I rewrote the song and I fell in love with it.

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