Twittersphere Knocks Migos Rapper Offset for Homophobic Comments


The Twittersphere had a field day with Migos rapper Offset’s line in YFN Lucci’s single “Boss Life.”

It comes on top of the criticism the Atlanta rapper has endured for allegedly cheating on his beloved girlfriend Cardi B.

“I cannot vibe with queers,” the MC says on the song.

But everyone from comedians to regular people took to the socials to express disappointment, including comedian Jeff Leach who posted:  “Nah bro, I think you’ll find queers don’t vibe with you. You look like a bargain bin Snoop Dogg who fell face first into a tattoo gun. FOH.”

Earlier in the week the hits were coming hard for Offset’s wandering ways.

Everyone from Perez Hilton to Hair Weave B. has sounded off on social media.

“Offset got caught cheating on Cardi B. AGAIN?” asks Perez Hilton.

Offset whose Instagram is Offsetyrn has apologized but defended himself by posting a definition of the word “queer” on his social media.