‘This Leather Heart’ A Testament to Strength and Beauty of Militia Vox


I love it when Militia Vox releases new music because she always surprises – one reason why I’ve followed her for almost five years now. 

Her newest release, “This Leather Heart” demonstrates why the multiple award-winning singer, songwriter/composer, host, actress, visual artist, model,  director, producer and founder and lead singer of the Judith Priestess tribute band is always fresh and intriguing. 

A remix of her song “This is She,” the new release “This Leather Heart” is a mashup of experimental jazz, metal, mystery, dream rock and Militia Vox sonic  imagery.  It works at several levels. It spaces you out with its deep-from-hell’s-caverns base sound with Militia’s haunting voice from “This Is She” spiraling up like the smoke from a snuffed candle, carried by electronic accents, beats, and synth-drone wings.

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