Bif Naked Learns from Relationship for New Track ‘Jim’


Bif Naked has been a mentor and student as she goes through life.  And her learning experiences come from the most unexpected of sources.

Her latest teacher is apparently a relationship after which she modeled the song, “Jim,” and with which there’s a powerful new video that illustrates vengeful emotions.

In the Doug Fury-directed video, Bif’s character learns that someone whom she once believed to be her lover and ally is neither. “Jim,” who bears a bit of a resemblance to a rough Bill Murray, appears unfazed by Bif’s final confrontation. That is, until it’s too late.

Jim’ is a song about loss, really,” Bif says. “It’s about that disillusionment we all feel when someone turns into an imposter. ‘Jim’ is the quintessential story of discovering a betrayal and ‘Jim’ is that villain. The song is totally about pain, and facing it head-on.  With the video we really wanted to have a triumph over the pain, and take our power back.”

The track starts slowly enough and swells to a staccato and rapid-fire synth symphony with big drums and imploringly aching vocals. It’s masterfully produced and engineered by Fury. It was written by Bif, Fury, Steve Snake Allen and executive produced by Peter Karroll.

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