Ren Liu Brings Hope with EP ‘Prayer For a Stranger’

‘Sweet Dreamland’ Video Accompanies Singer-Songwriter’s Debut Collection


It has not been an easy journey for musician Ren Liu, whose road to perfection took her through many dangerous side streets. Her new EP ‘Prayer For a Friend,’ brings a message of hope for people this year.

Liu is a survivor in recovery from multiple eating disorders and addictions and her healing route inspires her music and passionate advocacy for mental health. 

“As someone who lives with anxiety and depression in recovery and sobriety, I really hope my music can help listeners feel seen in their moments of fear,” Liu said. “I want to give a sense of serenity to the roller coaster ride of living with mental illness.”

Ren Liu wants people to remain strong during this tough time in our world.

“I think ‘Prayer for a Stranger’ is especially relevant this year where everyone’s mental health has been tested in unprecedented ways,” Liu said. “It is a year of deep reflection. I wrote this album looking for serenity and I hope that it can give a similar wave of serenity for listeners.”

Photographer credits:

Album artwork (all attached photos): Mack Breeden 

‘Endless’ single artwork: Forrest Leo

‘Sweet Dreamland’ filmed, directed and edited by Brian M Tang

Graphic design for album cover: Rachel Mathieu

Instrumentalists: Orchestration/Strings: Kenny Regan; Cello: Evgeny Tonkha; Vocals, singer-songwriter

Social Media: Instagram: @RENHOLLY TIKTOK: @RENNYPOOS YouTube

Prayer For a Stranger on Spotify:

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