The Muzik Beat Playlist: Hip Hop, Blues and Pop for The Weekend


The tunes on the Muzik Beat premiere playlist represent those on the way up and veterans whose work defies description. Ranging from hip hop to jazz and pop, our Friday playlist introduces the listener to some of the hot new material coming to market.

Aloud: ‘Loving U’s a Beautiful Thing’

Aloud’s new record, Sprezzatura, out on May 8th via Lemon Merchant Records is a showcase for a band joyfully shedding the old and moving boldly forward, both sonically and lyrically.
The record marks a maturation for Aloud’s Henry Beguiristain and Jen de la Osa. The pair have been making music since their teenage years in Miami, where a shared passion for rock bands like Oasis and The Who set them apart from many of their peers in the working-class Cuban community both grew up in. Beguiristain and de la Osa would move to Boston after high school, marry and form Aloud.

“From the beginning, music has been a way to express ourselves, and to grapple with the major issues in our lives,” de la Osa said. “Back then, we didn’t always feel like we fit in, but music set us apart. It gave us an identity.”

Samora Pinderhughes: ‘Hold That Weight’

Samora Pinderhughes is a composer/pianist/vocalist known for striking intimacy and carefully crafted, radically honest lyrics alongside high-level musicianship. He is also known for his use of music to examine sociopolitical issues and fight for change.

He’s collaborated and performed with many artists across boundary and scene including Common, Karriem Riggins, Robert Glasper, Sara Bareilles, Daveed Diggs, Lalah Hathaway, Herbie Hancock and many more.

Play With Fire Drops Promo Video

Play With Fire debuted in opening for Rick Derringer and The Standells at the Palace Theater in downtown Los Angeles.  Since then, the locals have played at The Trip in Santa Monica, the Redwood downtown, Club Fais Do Do in mid-city, and other local venues.  The band performs  original material which is blues-based and somewhat reminiscent of your favorite classic rock, and some re-imagined covers.

Members of Play With Fire have performed or recorded with Delaney Bramlett, John Stewart, Bobby Sherman, Tom Scott, Chevy Chase, Bill Withers, The Whispers, Bette Midler, and more.


Hugo Samba: ‘Yesterday’s Gone’

Hugo Samba’s new track, “Yesterday’s Gone,” blends electronica and ethnic house music with a beautiful guitar melody. He got the inspiration from his trip to Mexico where he met great musicians who boosted his will to create emotional songs.

Don Drago: ‘Dark Boy’

Costa Rican / American rapper, Don Drago, has built a reputation in the hip-hop underground as a true original.

“I live in the dark and search for better days,” Drago raps in the opening verse. He has the conviction of a man who has endured countless struggles and is determined to make something of himself. Drago’s unflinching approach allows him to shine a light on universal truths as he details the changing ways people have treated him at various points in his life. While he doesn’t come to any easy conclusions, it is inspirational to listen to him as he comes to terms with his nature. With its moody atmosphere and constant stream of poignant verses, “Dark Boy” will resonate with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.


Azam Ali: All That Is Left Is Sky

Writing, composing and arranging a nine minute meditation/ceremonial piece entitled “All That Is Left Is Sky,” she hopes to flatten the economic curve that many artists are facing by offering it for free, in hopes that people who enjoy and download the song with leave a donation that will go 100% to the artist community.

“I am offering this song for free since I know that many people cannot afford to make a contribution at this time,” she explains. “But those of you who can, I ask you to give whatever is within your means. It can even be $1. All the money raised will be distributed evenly among the artist community. In the spirit of transparency, every single artist who receives funds will be named publicly along with the amount that they receive so that donors know exactly where and to whom their contributions are going.”

John Lindahl: ‘Lies’

“I believe that the more important the dream is,” 23-year-old John Lindahl says, “the more you’re going to get knocked down.”  His singles “Lies’ and ‘Honest” is from the new album Opening Night.

Born in Silver Spring, Maryland (he coincidentally shares Montgomery County roots with Logic), John was raised in Southern California, in a house filled with music. Growing up, he assumed everyone could sing. “I thought that all kids could match pitch because I could naturally do it,” he said.  The classic MGM musical Singin’ In The Rain inspired John, especially Donald O’Connor singing “Make ‘Em Laugh.”  At age five, he was cast into local musical theatre productions.


JoyCut: ‘Lisantrope’

From JoyCut – “Dedicated to Pasquale Pezzillo, born on April the 2nd, 1920, on his hundredth birthday. Dreamer, Pioneer, Soldier, Husband, Father, Grandfather and centenarian during the 2020 pandemic. Isolated and vulnerable among the most vulnerable. The song was written and produced by grandson, I carry his name, I wear his surname I am his first grandson from his first son. LISANTROPE is a word he created in his early youth. Yours and Always Loyal – Pasquale Pezzillo

Emily Molloy: ‘Catastrophes’

Vancouver musician Emily Molloy is soul, blues and a gallon of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Her voice would be at home in the smokey basements of a Chicago cabaret or down the graffiti and rain soaked back alleys of Seattle.

Emily has performed at Canadian Music Week, Rockin’ River Fest and Pemberton Music Festival. She was also named the winner of the 2015 Whistler Music Search.


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