Proud Creature Delivers a Gift to a World Seeking Reflection and Reassurance


Todd Brozman has released a compelling psychedelic jazz-based ambient music collection under the name of Proud Creature.

The new EP, Opening Creature is a fascinating journey through a vast range of significant and otherworldly audio experiences.

In times like these, when musicians need to make the most of all opportunities, Proud Creature is offering more than music. The interesting and diversified genre in sound inspires musicians to consider alternative ways to get the work out there. Many musicians use their ambient music work for sync licensing and in that way they can actually make a good living.

Brozman has worked with a range of musicians, he’s part of Moon Casual and he has collaborated with another interesting artist in the genre, KYOSI. He started playing piano when he was a young child and the music stayed with him throughout his life. While in college at Wesleyan, he had a radio show that enabled him to explore the sounds of improvisational jazz and electronic music.

Proud Creature offers an intriguing selection of moods to accompany the diverse electronica on the new EP.

“Opening Creature EP reflects travels and explorations I’ve had over the past few years,” Brozman said. “I’m trying to capture the headspace that opens up when we venture out of our default mindset and into something broader and more abstract. For me, these spaces have been explored through travel, dreams, nature, and spiritual exploration.”

Check out the Proud Creature Facebook Page.

Brozman said he attained the unique and ethereal sounds through his own creative use of foreign sounds in production. He blended layers of recordings made on the road with non-traditional production techniques.

“Major Trouble,” the opening track on the collection is a cool mix of upbeat tones carrying an improvisational sounding melody, with consistent and driving bass undercurrents. The track conjures images of underwater exploration.

“The Rookery” sounds as if a giant sheet of aluminum is waving in the wind and a bass wind chime is working in concert. It’s an amazing piece that also integrates some contrasting high pitched electronic notes into the work for a powerful blend.

The most haunting of the tracks on the EP is “Eastern Lines,” which actually sounds like a traveler is passing through an airport with a faint voice on the speakers calling out the flight information — in a foreign country.

Proud Creature has reason to be. Brozman succeeds in his quest to win over audiences with important ambient music that enables listeners to take time to reflect and contemplate.  It is just what we all need right now.

Opening Creature Tracklist:
1. Major Trouble
2. Discovery of the Future
3. The Rookery
4. Pines
5. Eastern Lines
Musicians: Todd Brozman: Composition, performance, production, and mixing

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