‘Moments and Fragments’ a Modern Jazzy Great from Collective Bloomerangs


The gorgeous tones of piano with snare drum and hi hat is a classic sound that forms the basis for so much of the creative work in jazz music today. But the collective known as Bloomerangs takes a familiar sound into new territory with Moments and Fragments.

The guitar plays a major role in the music, but Moments and Fragments is the cool second album from the music collective known as Bloomerangs. The record is set for a late March release.

It’s a treasure trove of mellow and rockin jazz. “Leaps And Bounces” is one of our favorites, capturing the essence of what be bop jazz is supposed to be. And while it sounds improvisational in nature with freestyle piano and the driving beats of freewheeling drums and stand up bass, there is nothing further from the truth. “Leaps and Bounces” is a marvelous convergence of an upbeat and runaway sound.

“In Some Shape Of Form” takes a different approach with a haunting melody, and is conversational in nature, painting a picture of pre-dawn in the metropolis with a day full of surprises ahead. There is magnificent bass work on this track and the drums draw out the mystery of what may be coming around the corner. Shifting from major to minor scales at a sudden pace, this track keeps the listener engaged and challenged.

One of the more surprising pieces is “Catch A Clue,” which starts off with uniform clapping leading the listener to believe there is some simple chord progression coming. Instead it turns into amazingly abstract, outer-space artistry, light and at the same time profound in its process. Every instrument has a distinct role in this piece, with electric guitar and varied percussion instruments leading the way.

“Mind Your F” is reminiscent of some of the best days in France, opening with a woodwind sounding instrument, but which could easily be a keyboard replication. The track takes a turn into a synth sounding, organ funk with some fancy keyboard work.


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