For Joan Torres and All Is Fused Band, ‘Finale’ is Only The Beginning in New Sound


It’s easy to understand why Joan Torres calls his band All Is Fused. The latest release, “Finale,” takes a familiar track  and creates fusion in a musically cooperative environment, with many aspects from vastly different genres blending together harmoniously.

All too often,  jazz gets the short shrift when it comes to appreciated genres. Like a misunderstood artist, bass-driven non-uniform musical work may not get the deserved recognition. But as of late, there has been a renewed enthusiasm for the work that the big strings contribute to the genre.  Torres, an award-winning musician and Berklee in Puerto Rico Program alum, proves the point with “Finale.”

Naturally the genre is about innovation but some musicians take it into another sphere, and this is where Torres and his latest work come into the picture. In a collaboration with a fellow artistically driven bass player, Bubby Lewis, Torres makes “Finale” a great listen for enthusiasts of the instrument these two musicians have in common. It’s an enjoyable adventure for those who love the bottom-driven tracks. “Finale” is a reworking of the final track on the band’s 2019 album, Revolution.

“Finale” has the unique ability to grab the ear of a listener early in the track and then it simply doesn’t let go. Mainly attributable to an undeniable arc in the music, “Finale” range from low to high, keeping the listener guessing and curious, and ultimately locked in engagement.

The track is not unlike some of the previous work of Torres and the All Is Fused band, but at the same time, it compartmentalizes and extracts sections, isolating cool progressions to the delight of avant-garde enthusiasts.

An amazing blend of modern with classic, “Finale” is an interesting listen also because of its looping mechanical sound that introduces and repeats a grounding beat before the guitar enters and builds to a crescendo.

In layman’s terms, there’s some fancy finger work going on here on all levels and that can’t be overlooked. Ultimately, “Finale” represents an unexpected, new turn along an engaging musical journey.


Jonathan Suazo: Alto Sax
Gabriel Vicéns: Guitar
Sergio González: Guitar
Emanuel Rivera: Piano and Keyboards
Fernando García: Drums
Joan Torres: Bass
Special Guest: Bubby Lewis: Bass
Sean Paulson – Studio and Mixing Engineer
Joe LaPorta – Mastering Engineer
Amy Lynn – Cover Art
Music by Joan Torres

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